5 ways to be more friendly

 No. 1: Take notice of the people around you

We're all guilty of burying our heads in our devices from time to time. Or perhaps we're in such a rush that we become as crazy as a Tasmanian devil on black Friday. Either way, one way to make a really big difference and become the friendliest kid on the block is to take notice of other people. Chin up, eyes open—a simple smile, hello, or “how are you?” can make a world of difference. These daily interactions have positive health benefits as well. Research has shown that regular face-to-face interactions can reduce the risk of depression and help make others feel seen, welcome, or even brighten the darkest day.

No. 2: Start the conversation 

They say it takes two to tango but someone has to press play on the jukebox, right? We know it's not always easy to start a conversation and, to be honest, it’s sometimes even harder to keep it going. But why not give it your best shot anyway? Showing interest in others around you shows that you care. We’re not suggesting you overshare and overwhelm every person you meet, but being curious about how someone’s day is going or asking if they had a good vacation is a sure way to be more friendly. Also, remember to really listen to their responses. After all, this tango takes two.

No. 3: Be lighthearted 

Grump, grouch, call it what you like, but no one likes a sourpuss. We know that in one way or another we’ve all experienced pain, and we never believe that it should be unnecessarily minimised or belittled. But, sometimes out of the darkness of these painful experiences, we can begin to embrace lightheartedness. Learning to laugh, letting go, and enjoying your humanness are seriously attractive attributes. People will flock to your optimism. Your happy, cheerful outlook will be contagious and grant you the title of the friendliest person in the room. 

No. 4: It’s okay to show a little emotion 

This doesn’t mean you should have an epic tantrum in the fruit and veg aisle, but we do believe that owning how you feel and showing a little vulnerability goes a long way when connecting with others. Of course, we've all said that we're fine when we're not. And to be fair, sometimes that’s the appropriate response. But more often than not, people appreciate sincerity and genuine emotion over shielded and closed off responses. 

No. 5: Always remember to compliment

Is there any better feeling than being told you're rocking an item of clothing or the work you've done is amazing? We all love compliments and it’s one of the best ways available to increase happiness in both you and the people around you. When a person receives a compliment, it makes them feel good and can change a relationship from stranger to friend. Research even shows that getting a genuine compliment triggers the same positive boost as receiving cash. So, if you're not planning on dishing out hundred dollar bills, then throwing out an authentic compliment is just as good. If not better in our opinion. 

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