Our Founder

As a teenager, I was always trying to find natural ingredients to help with my acne-prone, sensitive skin. I’d rummage through the cupboards to see what I could apply in the hopes of finding the magic ingredient. Whether it was apple cider vinegar or honey, I was determined to find a natural remedy to help soothe my troubled skin.

Years later, I travelled to New York to undergo training to become a makeup artist. During my training, however, my skin struggled to keep up with the multiple makeup applications and became highly irritated. It couldn’t take the harsh products or the wear and tear of rough handling.

During my years of being a makeup artist, I applied product after product onto models' skin, unknowingly exposing them to all sorts of toxins and harsh chemicals. My interest as a makeup artist was always a natural, clean aesthetic and so inevitably I grew increasingly interested in healthy skin. Over the years, finding clean, more gentle ways to repair and protect the skin became more important than concealing and masking what was there.

As time went on, I grew more concerned and conscious of the products I was using. I chose to wear less makeup, learning to embrace my natural skin and treat it with more kindness. As I opted for simpler routines and cleaner beauty products, my skin became calmer and clearer.

Around the age of 30, I moved from face-paced London, UK to Vancouver, Canada. The relaxed, west coast way of living inspired me and still does to this day. The surrounding nature and more conscious lifestyle matched perfectly with the clean living I was already embracing.

I knew I wanted a product that was for sensitive skin and that didn’t contain ingredients known for being irritating. Having been gung-ho on finding natural remedies for so many years - it made perfect sense to produce a product that reflected this. I wanted an uncomplicated yet highly effective product that other health conscious people could enjoy and benefit from

Pippa Dawson (Founder & Creative Director)

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